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Welcome to our Try Before You Buy sampler page. Our try it-before-you-buy-it menu (below) was created so you can sample the best industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers before purchasing the same or a similar model.
A perfect plan for the anxious buying man, our rent, try, buy program will make sure you purchase the right machine for your environment.
If you are not sure which machine you would like to try, just tell us a little bit about your cleaning application. Our recommendation is guaranteed! If you decide to buy the rented unit we will waive the rental fee. Be sure to check back often. We continue to update this page with new products being released!

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Tennant T15/7200

2-in1 Sweeper-Scrubber

Size 36”

Info: Deliver safe, exceptional cleaning results in a wide variety of environmentally demanding locations.

Purchase price: $13,195.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Factory Cat TR

Industrial Sweeper

Size 46”

Info: Factory Cat's Floor Sweepers are built to sweep factories like no other machine. Built tough and with the highest level of performance, these machines easily sweep up dirt and debris.

Purchase price: $14,145.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Tennant T16

Industrial Scrubber

Size 45”

Info: The highest quality materials and parts go into every T16 to ensure solid construction and extend the performance life of the machine.

Purchase price: $41,076.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Tennant T5

Industrial Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Clean large and small floors with the the mid-sized T5 floor scrubber.

Purchase price: $6,350.00

Rental price: $229 per day

Tennant 5680 – Disc

Industrial Floor Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Consistent floor cleaning results with the Tennant 5680 walk- behind scrubber-dryer

Purchase price: $5,995.00

Rental price: $249 per day

Tennant 5700 Cylindrical

Industrial 2-in-1 Sweeper Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Sweep and scrub your facility floors in one pass with the Tennant 5700 Cylindrical Floor Scrubber

Purchase price: $6,695.00

Rental price: $249 per day

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Priced   Right   Cleaning   Equipment   Inc.

Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc.

Welcome to Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. We are your best source for new, refurbished, and used floor cleaning machines. We offer the best price possible on all brand name floor cleaning equipment. If your business or organization is in need of a floor scrubber, high speed burnisher, carpet cleaner or floor machine, then you have come to the right place! We have machines to fit every job and every budget. Just give us a call today and one of our customer service representatives will assist you in choosing the right machine and model for your intended purpose.

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Establishing   reliable   relationships

Building Relationships With Our Customers

At Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. we take pride in providing our customers with excellent service, fast shipping and great value. It is our main objective to build long lasting and durable relationships with our customers by meeting their versatile needs. Because our customers have a wide range of cleaning challenges, our team of professionals are highly knowledgeable in respect to all of our floor cleaning equipment and are able to quickly pinpoint which product should be used for your particular application. Contact our customer service team today at info@pricedrightcleaningequipment.com or give us a call at 416-670-5115 or toll free at 1-877-941-1120. Our representatives are trained to assist you with any of your floor cleaning inquiries.

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Everything you need to know about floor cleaning equipment


With a Rider Scrubber, operators will be able to clean large areas in no time. Rider scrubbers are more productive than walk-behind machines, allowing operators to clean large areas more efficiently. Units range from 28" to more than 48" and come in disc or cylindrical models. Cylindrical scrub decks can scrub &sweep in a single pass, saving labor for the customer by eliminating the need to pre-sweep.


Nilfisk-Advance & Tennant are the world’s leading manufacturers of professional floor cleaning machines. Advance commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment is designed to increase productivity, while driving down the total cost to clean. Dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world since 1870, the Tennant Company is a world-leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor industrial and commercial sweepers and scrubbers. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment sells both new, gently used & reconditioned Tennant (Nobles) and Nilfisk Advance (Clarke) floor scrubbers, sweepers, carpet extractors & burnishers. Tennant & Advance floor cleaning equipment are the most innovative and reliable brands of floor sweepers and floor scrubbers on the market, so making a decision should not be based on performance but preference.


Gum Rubber squeegee blades are primarily used in shopping malls and other public spaces and ensure maximum water collection on smooth and tiled floors. Because they absorb oil, they are not recommended for oily environments. Linatex® squeegee blades perform the best and last the longest. Made from Linatex® premium natural rubber in a signature red color, Linatex® works well with chemicals and won’t swell like gum rubber. Excellent flexibility, rip-resistant durability, these blades would be the best choice in applications where the floor is not smooth or even or a good choice in an oily environment. Chemical-resistant Urethane squeegee blades work especially well in industrial environments with oily or coarse surfaces such as old or uneven floors, grates or environments with harsh debris. Typically opaque.


When Priced Right Cleaning Equipment originated, we never had the faith to believe we would become not just TORONTO’s but Canada's leading provider for new & used floor sweepers, scrubbers, propane burnishers (polishers) and other floor machines. Years later we are still known as the best place to go for budget priced, high quality, floor cleaning machines, service & parts. We are proud to offer the lowest prices on the highest quality floor cleaning machines! We also offer FREE delivery in Toronto, Barrie, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, North York, Guelph, and the rest of the GTA.


Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. offers industrial and commercial floor scrubbers, sweepers, propane burnishers & other floor cleaning machines and equipment for rent throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Search our selection of rental floor care equipment in our products page.


Product families of Clarke include Nilfisk Advance & Viper Carpet Extractors, Floor Scrubbers & other various floor cleaning equipment. Clarke or Nilfisk-Advance is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment, marketing a variety of different models of high quality floor cleaning machines through a global network, selling products in more than 100 countries. Nilfisk-Advance markets its products and services in brands like Nilfisk, Nilfisk-ALTO, Nilfisk-CFM, Viper, Advance and Clarke in addition to a number of local brands.


In an industry where unexpected downtime can be costly, a reliable source of power is extremely important. We’ve been using both Trojan & Dekka batteries for years with unsurpassed performance. These batteries deliver reliable power for uninterrupted operation time after time. If you’re looking to replace your batteries, follow our lead & replace your batteries with our trusted deep-cycle battery products from Trojan & Dekka. They’ll give you the power to perform!


When deciding on floor scrubber pads or brushes, consider The Two S’s: surface and situation. The decision of which floor-care tool to use really needs to be based on the floors surface and the cleaning situation. Everything is predicated on the type of surface and the task at hand. For more information on choosing the right floor tool for your application, give us a call. We distribute floor cleaning machine brushes, squeegees, and other parts & accessories for a variety of floor scrubbers & sweepers.


Rider scrubbers/floor cleaning machines feature one-pass cleaning of floors and pavement at rates up to 70,000 sq.ft. per hour. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. carries a large variety of industrial sweepers, scrubbers, and Ride-on sweepers and floor scrubbers for sale and for rent.


Maintaining your floor scrubber or sweeper batteries will ensure you get the most from them. Maximize your floor cleaning machines productivity with these battery maintenance steps:

Always wear protective equipment when performing battery maintenance. Charge your floor scrubber or sweeper batteries after each use, as per manufacturer recommendations. Before charging, ensure the electrolyte level is above the plates in flooded batteries. Use only distilled water and only after fully charging the battery (unless plates are exposed). Clean the battery and cable lugs with a solution of baking soda and water.

Important: when using the floor scrubber or sweeper, leave about 20-30% battery charge, as excessive discharge will affect the battery life.


When looking for a floor scrubber that can carry out the job quickly and efficiently, consider the following productivity factors: scrub path size, speed of operation, tank size, battery run-time, ease of use/maintenance, water and detergent usage and drying time. All these factors can make a major difference to a floor scrubber’s productivity.


When is a ride-on sweeper more appropriate than a walk-behind sweeper? There are several factors to take into consideration when making this decision. The choice between a ride-on and a walk-behind sweeper depends on one’s budget, the area to be cleaned, the frequency of cleaning and the level of maneuverability required. Ride-on sweepers tend to be the best option for use in large areas, whereas walk-behind sweepers can be used for small to medium-sized areas. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment sells a variety of walk-behind & ride on floor sweepers & scrubbers. Please visit our products page for more information.


Polish or scrub with a multi-purpose floor machine. Rotary polishing floor machines, battery & propane burnishers are available from Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. at budget prices. Available in single and dual speed types, these single disk, heavy duty floor machines can scrub & buff floors for multipurpose use. With a dual speed floor machine, you will be able to clean, strip or polish almost any hard floor surface. Other applications include: carpet bonnet cleaning or shampooing, and gym floor screening. These machines are great for adding the final touches to a freshly cleaned floor. We have plenty of different types of floor polishers, so if you are unsure please give us a ring to help you choose the right machine for your needs.


With recent advancements in floor care technology, floor-scrubbing robots have been created to combine features of automatic floor scrubbers without the need for an operator. These floor-scrubbing robots are available using the same principle of operation as a traditional walk-behind floor scrubber but operate automatically. See the HydroBot floor-scrubbing robot by Intellibot Robotics for more information.



Clarke Boost & other similar style orbital floor scrubbers are extremely popular in the Health Care industry, as the working decibel level is low enough to use these floor machines during normal business hours without disturbance. These types of floor scrubbers are great for cleaning, stripping & resurfacing floors. They are also know to save 50-70% in water consumption. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. sells and rents Clarke Boost Orbital floor scrubbers in 20, 28 & 32 inch scrub paths.


At some point during the life of your floor machine, you will certainly need to replace parts and accessories such as floor scrubber or sweeper brushes, batteries, vacuum motor, etc. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. sells both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Aftermarket parts & accessories. Aftermarket parts can be equal to or greater than OEM in quality. In some cases, you may end up with a better part than you started with, as the aftermarket companies reverse-engineer the part, and work the weaknesses out. Aftermarket parts can also save you a lot of money. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. provides a variety of aftermarket & OEM floor cleaning machine parts & accessories for every major floor care equipment manufacturer.


Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines deliver maximum cleaning results and can clean in the harshest environments. Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines, floor scrubbers, burnishers, sweepers, etc., do not have the same productivity, durability & performance as industrial units do. However, commercial floor cleaning machines are well suited for government institutions, healthcare, hospitality, retail, grocery and education. Industrial floor cleaning machine applications include: warehouse & transportation, manufacturing, food & beverage, municipalities.


A ride-on floor scrubber is often mistaken for a Zamboni. As a matter of fact, the two machines function completely different from one another. A Zamboni is a vehicle or hand-pushed device used to clean and smooth the surface of an ice sheet, whereas a floor scrubber is floor cleaning machine designed to automatically wet scrub & dry a hard floor surface clean of dirt.


Tennant Floor Cleaning Machines provide ultimate cleaning performance in the harshest environments. For this reason we have a growing fleet of Tennant rental sweepers, scrubbers, and scrubber-sweeper floor cleaning equipment for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. To learn more about the positive user experience Tennant machines provide, call us at 1-877-941-1120 or visit our Rentals page in the search menu & try one out for yourself.


Businesses throughout the GTA (General Toronto Area) rely on us to provide them with unmatched floor cleaning equipment service & repairs around the clock. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment is always keeping an eye and ear open for excellent Floor Cleaning Equipment Service Contractors who can specialize in floor cleaning machine repair in & around Toronto. If you feel you’re qualified in this area, give us a call. We would love to hear from you!


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