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Welcome to our Try Before You Buy sampler page. Our try it-before-you-buy-it menu (below) was created so you can sample the best industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers before purchasing the same or a similar model.
A perfect plan for the anxious buying man, our rent, try, buy program will make sure you purchase the right machine for your environment.
If you are not sure which machine you would like to try, just tell us a little bit about your cleaning application. Our recommendation is guaranteed! If you decide to buy the rented unit we will waive the rental fee. Be sure to check back often. We continue to update this page with new products being released!

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Tennant T15/7200

2-in1 Sweeper-Scrubber

Size 36”

Info: Deliver safe, exceptional cleaning results in a wide variety of environmentally demanding locations.

Purchase price: $13,195.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Factory Cat TR

Industrial Sweeper

Size 46”

Info: Factory Cat's Floor Sweepers are built to sweep factories like no other machine. Built tough and with the highest level of performance, these machines easily sweep up dirt and debris.

Purchase price: $14,145.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Tennant T16

Industrial Scrubber

Size 45”

Info: The highest quality materials and parts go into every T16 to ensure solid construction and extend the performance life of the machine.

Purchase price: $41,076.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Tennant T5

Industrial Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Clean large and small floors with the the mid-sized T5 floor scrubber.

Purchase price: $6,350.00

Rental price: $229 per day

Tennant 5680 – Disc

Industrial Floor Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Consistent floor cleaning results with the Tennant 5680 walk- behind scrubber-dryer

Purchase price: $5,995.00

Rental price: $249 per day

Tennant 5700 Cylindrical

Industrial 2-in-1 Sweeper Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Sweep and scrub your facility floors in one pass with the Tennant 5700 Cylindrical Floor Scrubber

Purchase price: $6,695.00

Rental price: $249 per day


Product Name Size Cleaning Rate Summary Category Price
Enforcer Enforcer GM-MINI 28" 45,280 ft2 (up to) The GM-MINI™ Rider Sweeper is a combination of technology and innovation that enables users to keep large areas clean by working in total comfort. The wide sweeping path (47-inch with 2 side brushes) assures a high cleaning capacity of over 45,000 sq.ft per hour. The compactness of (Read more) Ride-on Floor Sweeper $9,900.00
Enforcer Enforcer GM 230 36" 55,440 ft2 (up to) The GM230™ large area floor scrubber is designed with a sophisticated mix of productivity, rugged scrubbing & ease-of use. Productivity is rated at over 55,000 sq ft/hr. with minimal refill requirements. All scrubbing functions are located in the steering wheel, including water (Read more) Ride-on Floor Scrubber $29,800.00
Enforcer Enforcer GM 50B/56BT 20" 20,989 ft2 (up to) The GM50™ series is our best-selling 20-inch floor scrubber. Designed for easy operation & powerful scrubbing, the GM50™ series reliably lays solution, scrubs, and recovers dirty water in a single pass. As a result, the appearance of your facility floors is dramatically (Read more) Walk-behind Scrubber $4,850.00
Enforcer Enforcer GM 70BT 26" 45,200 ft2 (up to) The GM70BT™ is the perfect mid-size walk behind floor scrubber. At 660mm (26-inch) the GM70BT™ guarantees high performance scrubbing at up to 35,000 ft2 per hour. This automatic floor scrubber offers superior cleaning for heavy duty scrubbing in every hard floor surface (Read more) Walk-behind Scrubber $7,850.00
Enforcer Enforcer GM-65 RBT 28" 30,800 ft2 (up to) The GM-65RBT™ is designed with a 711mm cylindrical scrub deck. A cylindrical scrub brush system will (wet) sweep small amounts of solid debris into a removable tray while also aggressively washing the floor. The “back-to-basics” design decreases maintenance costs (Read more) Walk-behind Scrubber / Sweeper $11,900.00
Enforcer Enforcer GM-RMINI 32" 47,872 ft2 (up to) Experience multi-purpose technology with the GM-110BT/85™. This high performance ride-on cylindrical scrubber can clean floors at a peak 50,000 sq.ft/h. With brushes that turn (rotate) at a speed that is three times the rotation of a disk brush scrubber, you can be assured that (Read more) Ride-on Floor Scrubber $14,900.00
Enforcer Enforcer S130/S160 28", 32" 51,320 ft2 (up to) The GM130/160 rider series was created to deliver the performance features needed to get tough cleaning jobs done faster. To help you choose the most productive rider for your facility, the GM130/160 is available in 28 or 32 inch widths, improving run-time & productivity. Brushes or pads (Read more) Ride-on Floor Scrubber $18,800.00
Mendel Mendel MB-55 20" 15,970 ft2 (up to) The MB55 is a back-to-basics automatic floor scrubber. Designed for commercial floor cleaning applications, the MB55 is a powerful cleaning machine that is able to fit in tight areas while achieving maximum productivity. (Brochure) Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber $4,695.00
Mendel Mendel MB-70 26" 21,000 ft2 (up to) Carefully designed to improve productivity and drive down your cleaning costs, the MB70 delivers exceptional cleaning results in a compact profile. This dual-brush (611mm) walk-behind floor machine provides exceptional performance and consistent cleaning results. (Brochure) Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber $6,795.00
Mendel Mendel MBD-60 22” 30,140 ft2 (up to) The Mendel® MBD60 is a unique ride-on floor scrubber. It is designed for spaces that need the productivity of a rider, but not the size. Capable of fitting through a standard door-frame, the MBD60 offers easy operation & maneuverability in congested areas. (Brochure) Ride-On Floor Scrubber $10,500.00
Mendel Mendel MBD-860 28-32” 42,000 ft2 (up to) The MB860 delivers exceptional cleaning results on any hard-surface floor. Designed for high productivity and efficiency, this mid-size solution has a revolutionary scrub deck for medium to large area cleaning. (Brochure) Ride-On Floor Scrubber $11,900.00
Mendel Mendel i-drive 965 32" 44,400 ft2 (up to) Improve cleaning results & save big on labor costs with the Mendel i-drive 965. Easily clean dirt from any floor in large warehouses, factories & municipalities with this industrial grade, self-propelled, high-performance scrubber. (Brochure) Ride-on Floor Scrubber-Dryer $18,795.00
Mendel Mendel Badger 355 14" 8,690 ft2 (upto) Small yet powerful, the Mendel Badger 355 is the most economic machine in its class. This compact and powerful machine has a working width of 355 mm and a tank volume of 10 l. (Brochure) Automatic Floor Scrubber $3,995.00
Mendel Mendel E300/508 20″ 18,300 ft2 (up to) The Mendel E300/508 delivers high performance, consistent floor cleaning results for virtually any floor surface. It lowers your total overall cost of cleaning by making floor cleaning "push-button automatic" and fast! (Brochure) Walk-behind floor scrubber $4,895.00
Mendel Mendel Badger 660 26" 26,000 ft2 (upto) The Mendel Badger 660 delivers excellent cleaning results on any hard-surface floor. Dramatically improve the quality of your cleaning with this compact ride-on floor scrubber. Clean congested hard floor spaces, like you never have before, with its small, yet powerful design. (Brochure) Rider Floor Scrubber $9,895.00
Mendel Mendel MB-20T 20" 18,300 ft2 (upto) The Mendel MB-20T is an automatic floor scrubber that uses (motorized) drive wheels to automatically move the scrubber along the floor without having to push the machine. This traction driven floor scrubber delivers significant cleaning power by providing exceptional scrubbing and (Brochure) Walk-behind floor scrubber $6,500.00
Mendel Mendel Boar 660 26" 26,300 ft2 (upto) Get the most from your floor scrubber-dryer with the Mendel Boar 660. Predictable results are guaranteed with this industrial scrubber-dryer. The Boar 660 walk-behind floor scrubber will provide optimal performance and consistent results on virtually any hard floor surface. (Brochure) Automatic Floor Scrubber $11,195.00
Mendel Mendel B2/431 16″ 14,000 ft2 (up to) The B2/431 Battery Powered Automatic Floor Scrubber provides optimum productivity in commercial and industrial floor cleaning applications. This battery powered, compact scrubber is easy to use and features advanced technical solutions for high performance. (Brochure) Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber $3,995.00
Mendel Mendel E-MOP/457 16″ 5,400 ft2 (up to) The Mendel E-Mop has the performance of a scrubber with the mobility of a mop. The E-MOP/457 is changing the way people think about cleaning. Over 80% of retail or residential floors are still cleaned with a mop & bucket. (Brochure) Walk-behind floor scrubber $3,995.00
Mendel Mendel B1/355 13″ 3,500 ft2 (up to) The B1/355 is a superior scrubbing machine in a compact size. Designed for cleaning small or cluttered floor areas with a surface of less than 1,000 sq.m, the B1's reduced dimensions, can perform cleaning operations currently performed manually with a mop & bucket. (Brochure) Floor Scrubber $3,495.00
Mendel Mendel M380 15" 7,000 ft2 (up to) The Mendel M380â„¢ Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber provides simplified floor cleaning maintenance for commercial environments. Powered by a strong suction motor for excellent water lift, and a coverage rate of over 5,240 sq. ft. per hour, this compact commercial grade floor (Brochure) Walk-behind Scrubber $3,295.00
Mendel Mendel 28B 28″ 20000 ft2 (up to) The Mendel 28B Vacuum Sweeper represents a new generation of vacuum sweepers. It provides one-pass cleaning & optimum sweeping in commercial and industrial facilities. The Mendel 28B works exceptionally well for both carpets and hard surface floors. (Brochure) Walk Behind Sweeper $4,500.00
Mendel Mendel I-45 45" 58,000 ft2 (up to) The Mendel I-45 compact ride-on battery powered floor sweeper features dual side brooms, running lights, long-lasting batteries and an on-board charger. The commercial grade indoor/outdoor floor sweeper is an eco-friendly (battery operated) and extremely productive. (Brochure) Ride-on Sweeper $10,995.00
Mendel Mendel I-55 55" 82,000 ft2 (up to) The Mendel I-55 Floor Sweeper delivers exceptional sweeping performance across a variety of surfaces and debris types. With thee different sweeping brushes, the Mendel I-55 adjusts to keep constant pressure while collecting all debris in its path (Brochure) Rider Floor Sweeper $12,995.00
Mendel Mendel KW1500 55” 111,020 ft2 (up to) The KW1500 is the largest sweeper in the Mendel line. Featuring a large 55" sweeping path, the KW1500 delivers high productivity to meet a variety of cleaning challenges. (Brochure) Industrial Floor Sweeper $15,900.00
Mendel Mendel XD70R 28" 26250 ft2 (up to) Set new Standards of cleaning with the Mendel XD70R floor scrubber. This versatile Mid-Size Walk-Behind Scrubber is enhanced with cylindrical scrub brushes. (Brochure) Automatic Floor Scrubber $8,995.00
Nilfisk Nilfisk SC351 15" 7,000 ft2 (up to) Just another small scrubber? Think again. The Advance SC351 micro scrubber proves it's in a class of it its own, delivering faster, better and easier scrubbing. (Read more) Walk Behind Floor Scrubber $4,987.00
Nilfisk Nilfisk SC400 17" 13,500 ft2 (up to) With dependable cleaning performance and easy-to-use design, the Advance SC400™ walk-behind automatic scrubber provides a cost-effective alternative to labor-intensive mop and bucket or high-priced, larger automatic scrubbers. (Read more) Walk Behind Floor Scrubber $5,280.80
Nilfisk Nilfisk SC450 20" 15,800 ft2 (up to) The Advance SC450™ automatic scrubber provides simple, cost-effective performance for daily scrubbing needs. With reliable operation, high productivity and low maintenance - all at a budget-friendly value - this contractor-grade machine is designed to satisfy a wide range of (Read more) Walk Behind Floor Scrubber $5,803.75
Nilfisk Nilfisk SC750 26", 28", 34" 38,900 ft2 (up to) Advances rugged, low-maintenance SC750™ and SC800™ scrubbers deliver incredible value on a walk-behind platform. High productivity per tankful allows for 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing, which reduces dump/refill cycles and helps provide fast ROI. (Read more) Walk Behind Floor Scrubber $14,410.63
Nilfisk Nilfisk Advance Adgressor 32", 35", 38" 61,600 ft2 (up to) The Adgressor is a reliable, productive industrial rider scrubber that is easy to use and maintain. Combining large scrub decks and solution capacities with maneuverability and speed, the Adgressor delivers high productivity (Read more) Ride-on Floor Scrubber $24,763.60
Nilfisk Nilfisk Advance Advenger 32", 34" 47,800 ft2 (up to) The Advance Advenger® family of rider scrubbers combines versatility, productivity and sustainability all in one efficient platform. With two unique models available disc & cylindrical, you can select the right machine for your daily scrubbing challenges. (Read more) Ride-on Floor Scrubber $16,825.00
Nilfisk Nilfisk Terra 28B 28" 31,200 ft2 (up to) The Terra® 28B leaves wide-area vacuums in the dust. Its 28-inch wide sweep path handles carpet with 2.5 times more productivity than a 28-inch wide-area vacuum (ISSA data). Plus, the 28's side broom eliminates the need for edge cleaning after sweeping. (Read more) Walk-Behind Sweeper $4,681.40
Nilfisk Nilfisk SW 900 28" 50,850 ft2 (up to) The Advance SW900™ walk-behind sweeper for both indoor and outdoor use offers effective dust-free removal of dry debris. The large main broom combined with dual side brooms will enhance your everyday productivity and cleaning results. (Read more) Walk-Behind Sweeper $5,811.38
Nilfisk Nilfisk Terra 4300B 46" 81,350 ft2 (up to) Unsurpassed maneuverability and performance in a compact rider sweeper design. The Terra® 4300B compact rider sweeper covers up to 81,350 sq feet per hour. It expertly sweeps both sides of a 48-inch aisle or hallway. It is designed for use both indoors and out, and on multiple (Read more) Ride-on Floor Scrubber $17,709.00

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