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Welcome to our Try Before You Buy sampler page. Our try it-before-you-buy-it menu (below) was created so you can sample the best industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers before purchasing the same or a similar model.
A perfect plan for the anxious buying man, our rent, try, buy program will make sure you purchase the right machine for your environment.
If you are not sure which machine you would like to try, just tell us a little bit about your cleaning application. Our recommendation is guaranteed! If you decide to buy the rented unit we will waive the rental fee. Be sure to check back often. We continue to update this page with new products being released!

Rental delivery fees extra


Tennant T15/7200

2-in1 Sweeper-Scrubber

Size 36”

Info: Deliver safe, exceptional cleaning results in a wide variety of environmentally demanding locations.

Purchase price: $13,195.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Factory Cat TR

Industrial Sweeper

Size 46”

Info: Factory Cat's Floor Sweepers are built to sweep factories like no other machine. Built tough and with the highest level of performance, these machines easily sweep up dirt and debris.

Purchase price: $14,145.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Tennant T16

Industrial Scrubber

Size 45”

Info: The highest quality materials and parts go into every T16 to ensure solid construction and extend the performance life of the machine.

Purchase price: $41,076.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Tennant T5

Industrial Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Clean large and small floors with the the mid-sized T5 floor scrubber.

Purchase price: $6,350.00

Rental price: $229 per day

Tennant 5680 – Disc

Industrial Floor Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Consistent floor cleaning results with the Tennant 5680 walk- behind scrubber-dryer

Purchase price: $5,995.00

Rental price: $249 per day

Tennant 5700 Cylindrical

Industrial 2-in-1 Sweeper Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Sweep and scrub your facility floors in one pass with the Tennant 5700 Cylindrical Floor Scrubber

Purchase price: $6,695.00

Rental price: $249 per day


Specialized  Services

Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. services & repairs all types and brands of floor cleaning equipment. We also always have plenty of OEM and aftermarket parts in stock at big discounts with expedited shipping. If you require technical support, you will find it with our experienced technicians who have more than 90 years of combined service experience.

If you intend to repair your current floor scrubber and require assistance instead of having to purchase a new one, give us a call! We have professionals standing by to fix any equipment in need of repair that you may have. Call our service department at (416)-670-5115 or toll free at (877)-941-1120 to schedule a repair, or for technical support or warranty information.

Our  comprehensive  local  support  includes  the  following:

• An in-depth cleaning analysis for your facility
• OEM and aftermarket parts & accessories at our fingertips
• On-site product training for your workers
• Preventive maintenance
• Certified service and repair

We are the experts in the floor cleaning industry!


Save money when you rent from Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc.! We have the lowest prices guaranteed on rental floor cleaning machines and have a fleet to meet virtually every need!


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