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Welcome to our Try Before You Buy sampler page. Our try it-before-you-buy-it menu (below) was created so you can sample the best industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers before purchasing the same or a similar model.
A perfect plan for the anxious buying man, our rent, try, buy program will make sure you purchase the right machine for your environment.
If you are not sure which machine you would like to try, just tell us a little bit about your cleaning application. Our recommendation is guaranteed! If you decide to buy the rented unit we will waive the rental fee. Be sure to check back often. We continue to update this page with new products being released!

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Tennant T15/7200

2-in1 Sweeper-Scrubber

Size 36”

Info: Deliver safe, exceptional cleaning results in a wide variety of environmentally demanding locations.

Purchase price: $13,195.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Factory Cat TR

Industrial Sweeper

Size 46”

Info: Factory Cat's Floor Sweepers are built to sweep factories like no other machine. Built tough and with the highest level of performance, these machines easily sweep up dirt and debris.

Purchase price: $14,145.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Tennant T16

Industrial Scrubber

Size 45”

Info: The highest quality materials and parts go into every T16 to ensure solid construction and extend the performance life of the machine.

Purchase price: $41,076.00

Rental price: $349 per day

Tennant T5

Industrial Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Clean large and small floors with the the mid-sized T5 floor scrubber.

Purchase price: $6,350.00

Rental price: $229 per day

Tennant 5680 – Disc

Industrial Floor Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Consistent floor cleaning results with the Tennant 5680 walk- behind scrubber-dryer

Purchase price: $5,995.00

Rental price: $249 per day

Tennant 5700 Cylindrical

Industrial 2-in-1 Sweeper Scrubber

Size 32”

Info: Sweep and scrub your facility floors in one pass with the Tennant 5700 Cylindrical Floor Scrubber

Purchase price: $6,695.00

Rental price: $249 per day


Advantages of Cleaning Machines vs. Brooms and Mops

A common misconception when it comes to cleaning the floors of your business or industrial space is that using a broom or mop is the most cost-efficient choice. Unfortunately, the reality is that brooms and mops seem most inexpensive upfront but end up costing your business more in labour costs while still leaving behind grime, grease and dirt sheerly because they are not as capable of effectively cleaning to the extent of their auto-scrubber and industrial sweeping counterparts. Thus, the more appropriate way of cleaning your floors to keep costs low and maintain productivity and safety in your business is through automated cleaning machines such as floor scrubbers and sweepers. To convince you of this, let's consider the benefits of opting for an automated cleaning method for your business. The following list includes five key benefits of switching from a manual mop and bucket or broom method of floor cleaning to an automated floor scrubber or sweeper as a means of cleaning.

1) Reduces Labour Costs

As previously mentioned, the primary benefit of an automated scrubber or sweeper is that you don't need to have someone manually clean the floors. Thus you can allocate that person to another task and save money on the cost of having such personnel. Now you may not see the savings immediately as the upfront cost of an industrial floor sweeper and scrubber will be higher than that of a mop or broom, but over time you will see a significant return on your investment. Also, depending on the needs of your business, you can decide which type of automated cleaning machine will work best for you and your business, which gives you a lot of selection in terms of cost and return. For instance, walk-behind equipment may be a better option because it is generally less of an investment than ride-on models. However, you would still see a reduction in your labour costs if you opt for a walk-behind model because it would take less time for that equipment to clean the floors effectively. Essentially, regardless of the type of automated machine you purchase, you will reap the benefit of decreased labour costs. Therefore, knowing that there are more affordable options to get you on the automated cleaning path is essential.

2) Effectively Cleans Your Floors

Although it may seem like when you pull out the broom or mop and bucket, you are doing your due diligence as a business owner to prioritize the cleanliness of your floors, in reality, you are doing less than you think. Brooms and mops may be an excellent way to promptly attend to any big spill or debris, but they do not effectively clean floors by any means. For instance, when you use a mop and bucket, the first dip into clean water is followed by a consecutive dip where you contaminate the clean water with dust, debris, grease and grime and then every subsequent dip will continue this process. Thus, you essentially apply dirty water to the floors every time you clean with a mop and bucket. Whereas with an automated floor scrubber, you have a supply of clean water being used, and thus you are much more effective at cleaning your floors. Also, when using a mop or broom, it is hard to get at the surface you are working with to remove major stains, and thus it can take lots more time to attend to these stains, and you may not even be able to remove them in the end.

3) Minimizes Disruptions and Allows you to Maintain Productivity

Another drawback to having an employee manually clean your floors with a broom or mop is that it disrupts your business or industrial space. For instance, if you own a commercial or industrial space where people are working or shopping, having someone physically sweeping or cleaning can be distracting and disruptive as it would produce wet floors, which could be hazardous and require specific spaces to be blocked off for long periods. Instead, if you opt for an automated machine, your floors can be cleaned when your business or warehouse is open or has employees working. You could consider decreasing the disruptions as another indirect financial benefit.

4) Better for the Environment

Another benefit of having an automated machine is that they generally require less water and, in some cases, may not require chemicals based on your cleaning needs. Also, some automated cleaning scrubbers or sweepers can be cleaned with just water, thus decreasing the need to use more aggressive and dangerous chemicals that may be required if you opt for manual cleaning.

5) Safer and Leaves a More Hygienic Floor

As previously mentioned, manually cleaning a floor requires you to block off that area often because the mop will leave the floors wet, thus creating a potential hazard for customers or employees. Automated scrubbers will leave the floors less wet, making it safer to operate while employees and customers are using the space. Also, because automated scrubbers have the power to remove grime and dirt, they can make the area more hygienic and appealing for those customers and employees.

Overall, although it may be tempting to save money in the short term by opting for manual floor cleaning practices that involve a broom and mop if you want to be more cost-effective in the long time as well as keep your business a productive, safe, and appealing place to shop or work, you may decide to invest in a more effective means of cleaning such as an automated floor scrubber or sweeper. Specifically, an automated cleaner such as a sweeper or scrubber will allow you to cut down on manual labour time, effectively clean your floors, minimize the disruption associated with manual cleaning, help the environment, and leave a safer and more appealing space for your customers and employees.

Still not convinced? Contact us today to further discuss the benefits of an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper and how you could use one in your business today

tennant floor cleaning machines, comfort vacuum, Toronto

The Advantages of Owning a Floor Scrubber

We’ve all heard the push back- “I don’t have a need for a floor scrubber” “it’s way too expensive” “a mop and some good ol’ elbow grease will do the trick”; the list goes on and on. Our clients soon come to realize that’s simply not the case.

To put it frankly; just because you're saving money on equipment doesn’t mean you’re actually saving money. Automatic Floor Scrubbers not only eliminate dirt, dust, grease and grime in a fraction of the time it would take someone(s) to do it manually, but they also do a much more effective cleaning job and eliminate common work and safety hazards caused by mops and brooms along the way.

A famous aphorism known by many (and a personal favourite of mine) goes “Time is Money” (followed by a multitude of fantastic quotes to boot). When you think about the time and the manpower it takes to clean a large area – a mop and bucket are not only inefficient; they’re a waste of time (refer back to my favourite aphorism). Essentially what’s happening is you’re dragging around a heavy mop bucket filled with grimy bacteria water and using unnecessary, labour intensive body strength to push around dirt with previously mentioned bacteria water. I can’t think of anything more inefficacious or unhygienic. Especially in today’s day and age where cleanliness and health are two in the same, it’s crucial we hold high standards so we can keep our staff, our customers, and ourselves safe.

“But Floor Scrubbers are ridiculously expensive; I can’t imagine spending that much on something that only scrubs floors”. Yes, Commercial and Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines are quite expensive, but with almost everything in life, you get what you pay for, and when it comes to Automatic Floor Scrubbers; they practically pay for themselves. A major chunk of our clients cleaning budget (prior to purchasing a floor scrubbing machine) gets budgeted towards labour costs associated with maintaining their facilities. Reports have shown nearly 90 percent of the total cost to maintain floors comes strictly from labour costs. Let’s consider this; a singular employee can clean approximately 4000 to 5000 square feet in an hour using a mop and bucket. A small auto floor scrubber can clean 13,000 square feet (3 times the amount of a mop and bucket) in the same amount of time, if not less. Large Auto Scrubbers can clean more than 100,000 square feet per hour (if my math is correct; the labor cost of doing the same job is 20+ hours). So yes, the upfront cost of a Floor Scrubber is higher than a traditional mop and bucket, but the amount you save on labour and time make it a no-brainer.

They also make cleaning much easier for employees. They allow your staff to stand upright or sit comfortably and remove dirt and debris with a simple push of a button. Gone are the days of being consistently bent at painful angles, scrubbing back and forth repeatedly with wasted surplus amounts of energy. Now that extra exuberant enthusiasm (say that 5 times fast) can go towards other tasks and areas of need increasing productivity while lessening fatigue.

Commercial and Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines are also incredibly eco-friendly. They use less water whilst constantly using fresh clean water (unlike traditional mop and buckets that use the same dirty water throughout resulting in dirtier and dirtier water as you clean). There’s also an abundance of clean and safe detergents out there which impact both you and the environment greatly.

The list of benefits is truly never-ending, and with the varieties of machines on the market – you’re guaranteed to find a Floor Cleaning Machine that will meet and exceed your needs. At Priced Right Cleaning Equipment we stock New as well as Used and Refurbished Floor Cleaning Machines, primarily utilizing Tennant; a leading manufacturer in both the Industrial and Commercial Floor Cleaning industry. We also offer a variety of other industry-leading brands (Nobles, Nilfisk Advance, Pioneer Eclipse, Karcher & more) to accommodate to all our client's needs.

In addition, we proudly service all the following areas: Toronto, Durham Region, Ajax, Clarington, Brock, Oshawa, Pickering, Scugog, Uxbridge, Whitby, Halton Region, Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton, Oakville, Peel Region, Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga, York Region, Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Dufferin, Orangeville, Simcoe County, Bradford, West Gwillimbury, and New Tecumseth.

If you require an Industrial or Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine, Priced Right Cleaning Equipment sells and services quality Floor Sweepers, Floor Scrubbers, and other Floor Cleaning Machines and Equipment for every application (factories, warehouses, manufacturing, and more)! Feel free to contact us today and one of our qualified representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. You can reach us via email or by phone at 1-877-941-1120.

Your customers and employees deserve the highest standards of cleanliness, and At Priced Right, we take pride in helping make that happen.

tennant floor cleaning machines, comfort vacuum, Toronto


You’ve finally decided it is time to ditch the old mop & bucket and purchase a floor scrubbing machine. Now the question is: how do I choose the right floor cleaning machine? There are various styles of machines to choose from: commercial and industrial, walk behind floor scrubbers, stand-on floor scrubbers, ride on floors scrubbers and scrubber-sweepers. Furthermore, these machines also have a wide range of features and options available.

Consider the following factors when choosing a floor scrubber:

• Budget: Machine cost (New vs. demo vs. refurbished) & operating costs
• Size: Size of the area that needs to be cleaned against the size of the floor machine.
• Tank, Squeegee Assembly, Brush/Pad sizes
• Power Source: Battery vs. Electric vs. Propane vs. Gas/Diesel
• Control Panel: Is it simple and straightforward to operate and understand.
• Storage & Charging: Where will you safely store the machine (and charge the machine, if it has on off board charger)
• Maintenance & Adjustments: Can you replace wearable parts & make adjustments to the scrubbing pressure, dilution level, squeegee assembly, etc. relatively easily
• dBA: How loud is the machine when operating.
• Parts: Are parts readily available for the machine.

Looking through so many options may feel overwhelming, but it is necessary to take your time and consider all options and models to ensure you will obtain maximum effectiveness and efficiency out of your equipment. The right floor scrubber will improve, not only the look of your floors (better shine), but productivity and health & safety as well. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. is proud to help you find the right machine for any indoor or outdoor cleaning application.

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The best way to clean a epoxy coated floor with a floor cleaning machine: Are you in need of a floor machine or floor scrubber that can easily clean & dry epoxy floors? Epoxy floors are aesthetically appealing. They are also highly recommended for use in industrial and commercial facilities, as it protects concrete surfaces, which can be easily spoiled by oil, grease, chemicals, and other types of industrial material.

However, maintaining & cleaning these floors will require the use an automatic floor scrubber where a traditional mop & bucket is not adequate. With the use of a floor scrubbing machine, your epoxy floors are enhanced and protected. Cleaning epoxy floors with a floor machine is easy and should be done with the use of non-corrosive cleaning chemicals or pH cleaning detergents to keep your floors looking their best.

The right way to clean epoxy floors...
• Avoid using harsh or abrasive chemicals, soap based cleaners and acid containing cleaners. These products can leave behind strong chemical odors, can diminish the shine from the floor and can even make the floor rather slippery, which can be dangerous, if the floor were to get wet. Using diluted ammonia with hot water is one of the best solutions for cleaning an epoxy floor.
• If minor spills occur wipe them up with a soft cloth or paper towel as soon as possible, so that the stain does not set. It is also a good idea to keep a neutralizing agent readily available, as it is important to neutralize chemical spills immediately.
• Sweep the floor often so that grit and dirt does not become embedded in or scratch the epoxy floor
• Set up a weekly or bi-monthly deep clean to stay on top of residue and grease buildups

tennant floor cleaning machines, tennant floor sweeper, reconditioned floor cleaning equipment, pre owned tennant cleaning machines, tennant industrial ride on floor scrubber, Tennant commercial floor scrubbing machine


Priced Right Cleaning Equipment specializes in selling, renting & servicing Commercial and Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines.

We have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry and only support brands we personally can vouch for. These brands include: Tennant, Nobles, Power Boss, Nilfisk, Clarke, Tomcat & Factory Cat.

Before purchasing a machine, it is important to know the difference between a commercial and an industrial floor cleaning machine, and which is best suited for your business or floor cleaning project.

Simply stated, an industrial cleaning machine is one that is designed and built for more rugged use.

Typically, these machines will have larger solution tanks, higher brush motor horsepower, faster brush speed (RPM), more durable construction and high brush/pad down force (pad pressure). Industrial cleaning equipment like the Tennant T600, Tennant M20, Tennant T16, Tennant M30, Tennant T600 or Tennant T12 are some of the most industrial floor machines available. They deliver exceptional cleaning performance and reliability even in the toughest environments.

Commercial machines, on the other hand, emphasize use in "smooth foot pattern" environments - such as retail, grocery or hospitality. Commercial machines do provide the same level of cleaning effectiveness as industrial machines - but only if used in their intended application, respectively. Commercial floor sweepers & scrubbers are well suited for their specific use in light duty environments, scrubbing & drying floors effectively on smoother floor types. They are not recommended for cleaning hazardous or greasy areas in industrial job sites such as factories, warehouses, power plants, repair garages and other types of industrial facilities.

Commercial machines are similar to industrial machines in how they perform in that they apply solution to the floor, lightly scrub the floor of debris and then vacuum up the dirty cleaning solution. However, as mentioned, they are not practical cleaners for demanding environments.

If you would like a demo for a commercial machine (retail, schools, hospitality, etc.) or industrial floor machine (factory, warehousing, manufacturing), a representative from our company will be happy to assist you. Locally, we can provide a demonstration of these types of floor cleaning machines in Ajax, Aurora, Brampton, Brock, Burlington, Caledon, Clarington, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, Halton Hills, King, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scugog Toronto, Uxbridge, Vaughan, Whitby & Whitchurch-Stouffville. If you are outside of these regions, we do sell in your area. Actually, we sell across all of Canada. For an all-in-one approach to cleaning a hard floor, call the experts at Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc.

Products & Services:



With a Rider Scrubber, operators will be able to clean large areas in no time. Rider scrubbers are more productive than walk-behind machines, allowing operators to clean large areas more efficiently. Units range from 28" to more than 48" and come in disc or cylindrical models. Cylindrical scrub decks can scrub &sweep in a single pass, saving labor for the customer by eliminating the need to pre-sweep.


Nilfisk-Advance & Tennant are the world’s leading manufacturers of professional floor cleaning machines. Advance commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment is designed to increase productivity, while driving down the total cost to clean. Dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world since 1870, the Tennant Company is a world-leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor industrial and commercial sweepers and scrubbers. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment sells both new, gently used & reconditioned Tennant (Nobles) and Nilfisk Advance (Clarke) floor scrubbers, sweepers, carpet extractors & burnishers. Tennant & Advance floor cleaning equipment are the most innovative and reliable brands of floor sweepers and floor scrubbers on the market, so making a decision should not be based on performance but preference.


Gum Rubber squeegee blades are primarily used in shopping malls and other public spaces and ensure maximum water collection on smooth and tiled floors. Because they absorb oil, they are not recommended for oily environments. Linatex® squeegee blades perform the best and last the longest. Made from Linatex® premium natural rubber in a signature red color, Linatex® works well with chemicals and won’t swell like gum rubber. Excellent flexibility, rip-resistant durability, these blades would be the best choice in applications where the floor is not smooth or even or a good choice in an oily environment. Chemical-resistant Urethane squeegee blades work especially well in industrial environments with oily or coarse surfaces such as old or uneven floors, grates or environments with harsh debris. Typically opaque.


When Priced Right Cleaning Equipment originated, we never had the faith to believe we would become not just TORONTO’s but Canada's leading provider for new & used floor sweepers, scrubbers, propane burnishers (polishers) and other floor machines. Years later we are still known as the best place to go for budget priced, high quality, floor cleaning machines, service & parts. We are proud to offer the lowest prices on the highest quality floor cleaning machines! We also offer FREE delivery in Toronto, Barrie, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, North York, Guelph, and the rest of the GTA.


Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. offers industrial and commercial floor scrubbers, sweepers, propane burnishers & other floor cleaning machines and equipment for rent throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Search our selection of rental floor care equipment in our products page.


Product families of Clarke include Nilfisk Advance & Viper Carpet Extractors, Floor Scrubbers & other various floor cleaning equipment. Clarke or Nilfisk-Advance is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment, marketing a variety of different models of high quality floor cleaning machines through a global network, selling products in more than 100 countries. Nilfisk-Advance markets its products and services in brands like Nilfisk, Nilfisk-ALTO, Nilfisk-CFM, Viper, Advance and Clarke in addition to a number of local brands.


In an industry where unexpected downtime can be costly, a reliable source of power is extremely important. We’ve been using both Trojan & Dekka batteries for years with unsurpassed performance. These batteries deliver reliable power for uninterrupted operation time after time. If you’re looking to replace your batteries, follow our lead & replace your batteries with our trusted deep-cycle battery products from Trojan & Dekka. They’ll give you the power to perform!


When deciding on floor scrubber pads or brushes, consider The Two S’s: surface and situation. The decision of which floor-care tool to use really needs to be based on the floors surface and the cleaning situation. Everything is predicated on the type of surface and the task at hand. For more information on choosing the right floor tool for your application, give us a call. We distribute floor cleaning machine brushes, squeegees, and other parts & accessories for a variety of floor scrubbers & sweepers.


Rider scrubbers/floor cleaning machines feature one-pass cleaning of floors and pavement at rates up to 70,000 sq.ft. per hour. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. carries a large variety of industrial sweepers, scrubbers, and Ride-on sweepers and floor scrubbers for sale and for rent.


Maintaining your floor scrubber or sweeper batteries will ensure you get the most from them. Maximize your floor cleaning machines productivity with these battery maintenance steps:

Always wear protective equipment when performing battery maintenance. Charge your floor scrubber or sweeper batteries after each use, as per manufacturer recommendations. Before charging, ensure the electrolyte level is above the plates in flooded batteries. Use only distilled water and only after fully charging the battery (unless plates are exposed). Clean the battery and cable lugs with a solution of baking soda and water.

Important: when using the floor scrubber or sweeper, leave about 20-30% battery charge, as excessive discharge will affect the battery life.


When looking for a floor scrubber that can carry out the job quickly and efficiently, consider the following productivity factors: scrub path size, speed of operation, tank size, battery run-time, ease of use/maintenance, water and detergent usage and drying time. All these factors can make a major difference to a floor scrubber’s productivity.


When is a ride-on sweeper more appropriate than a walk-behind sweeper? There are several factors to take into consideration when making this decision. The choice between a ride-on and a walk-behind sweeper depends on one’s budget, the area to be cleaned, the frequency of cleaning and the level of maneuverability required. Ride-on sweepers tend to be the best option for use in large areas, whereas walk-behind sweepers can be used for small to medium-sized areas. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment sells a variety of walk-behind & ride on floor sweepers & scrubbers. Please visit our products page for more information.


Polish or scrub with a multi-purpose floor machine. Rotary polishing floor machines, battery & propane burnishers are available from Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. at budget prices. Available in single and dual speed types, these single disk, heavy duty floor machines can scrub & buff floors for multipurpose use. With a dual speed floor machine, you will be able to clean, strip or polish almost any hard floor surface. Other applications include: carpet bonnet cleaning or shampooing, and gym floor screening. These machines are great for adding the final touches to a freshly cleaned floor. We have plenty of different types of floor polishers, so if you are unsure please give us a ring to help you choose the right machine for your needs.


With recent advancements in floor care technology, floor-scrubbing robots have been created to combine features of automatic floor scrubbers without the need for an operator. These floor-scrubbing robots are available using the same principle of operation as a traditional walk-behind floor scrubber but operate automatically. See the HydroBot floor-scrubbing robot by Intellibot Robotics for more information.



Clarke Boost & other similar style orbital floor scrubbers are extremely popular in the Health Care industry, as the working decibel level is low enough to use these floor machines during normal business hours without disturbance. These types of floor scrubbers are great for cleaning, stripping & resurfacing floors. They are also know to save 50-70% in water consumption. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. sells and rents Clarke Boost Orbital floor scrubbers in 20, 28 & 32 inch scrub paths.


At some point during the life of your floor machine, you will certainly need to replace parts and accessories such as floor scrubber or sweeper brushes, batteries, vacuum motor, etc. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. sells both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Aftermarket parts & accessories. Aftermarket parts can be equal to or greater than OEM in quality. In some cases, you may end up with a better part than you started with, as the aftermarket companies reverse-engineer the part, and work the weaknesses out. Aftermarket parts can also save you a lot of money. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. provides a variety of aftermarket & OEM floor cleaning machine parts & accessories for every major floor care equipment manufacturer.


Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines deliver maximum cleaning results and can clean in the harshest environments. Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines, floor scrubbers, burnishers, sweepers, etc., do not have the same productivity, durability & performance as industrial units do. However, commercial floor cleaning machines are well suited for government institutions, healthcare, hospitality, retail, grocery and education. Industrial floor cleaning machine applications include: warehouse & transportation, manufacturing, food & beverage, municipalities.


A ride-on floor scrubber is often mistaken for a Zamboni. As a matter of fact, the two machines function completely different from one another. A Zamboni is a vehicle or hand-pushed device used to clean and smooth the surface of an ice sheet, whereas a floor scrubber is floor cleaning machine designed to automatically wet scrub & dry a hard floor surface clean of dirt.


Tennant Floor Cleaning Machines provide ultimate cleaning performance in the harshest environments. For this reason we have a growing fleet of Tennant rental sweepers, scrubbers, and scrubber-sweeper floor cleaning equipment for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. To learn more about the positive user experience Tennant machines provide, call us at 1-877-941-1120 or visit our Rentals page in the search menu & try one out for yourself.


Businesses throughout the GTA (General Toronto Area) rely on us to provide them with unmatched floor cleaning equipment service & repairs around the clock. Priced Right Cleaning Equipment is always keeping an eye and ear open for excellent Floor Cleaning Equipment Service Contractors who can specialize in floor cleaning machine repair in & around Toronto. If you feel you’re qualified in this area, give us a call. We would love to hear from you!


Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. will be working with a variety of new Authorized & Qualified Service Technicians throughout Ontario. We will be doing this in an effort to provide our customers with the highest quality of repair service and support strategically throughout all of Ontario, and in due time all of Canada.


Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. now has the following large area Tennant Floor Sweepers for rent: Tennant 6200 (propane version), Tennant S20, Tennant S30. We also have combination Tennant Sweeper-Scrubbers available including the Tennant M20, Tennant T20 (scrubber) and the Tennant M30.


We now provide free shipping on all floor scrubber and sweeper purchases in the GTA. As well, we provide floor cleaning machine rentals in the General Toronto Area. This includes: PEEL REGION (Caledon, Brampton, Mississauga). HALTON (Halton Hills, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Oakville). YORK REGION (Aurora, Newmarket, Vaughan, Whitchurch Stouville, East Gwillimbury, Georgina). DURHAM (Brock, Uxbridge, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Clarington, Scugog, Uxbridge). CITY OF TORONTO.


Preventive maintenance is planned maintenance of equipment that is designed to extend equipment life and prevent minor problems from “snowballing” into major repairs. PM (preventative maintenance) includes inspection , lubrication, cleaning , adjusting, and minor component replacement to extend the life of equipment and its components . Regularly inspecting equipment helps catch minor problems before they do more harm than necessary. We are now offering some of the best rates on preventative maintenance. Call 1-877-941-1120.

Do you know we sell over 400 different machines?

So Search Engines can have success in tracking the models of sweeper and scrubber machines we sell, we decided to creatively summarize a list below. This way, when you search for a specific machine, you can be sure to find it on our website:

Walk Behind Scrubbers: Tennnat 5700, Tennant 5680, Nilfisk Advance Warrior
Rider Scrubbers: Nobles E-Z Rider, Tennant 7300, Tennant 7100
Walk-Behind Sweepers: Nobles Scout 28B, Tennant S10, Karcher 8550
Ride on Sweepers: Tennant 235 LP, Factory Cat 48, Tennant 6100



3 tips on buying used floor scrubbers.

It is important that your facility floors be kept clean, organized, and well-maintained. However, finding a floor scrubbing machine or sweeper machine can be a daunting task without professional help. Nonetheless, keeping your office, warehouse or factory clean is non-negotiable. When buying a floor scrubber or sweeper, consider the following:

1. Cost: new or refurbished?
2. Cleaning area: Size of floor equipment needed.
3. Maintenance: a “back-to-basics” yet recognized floor machine brand is always best.
4. Application: What type of floor cleaning device do you need? Walk-behind or ride-on? Sweeper or scrubber?



We provide floor sweeper repairs and maintenance for every major Commercial & Industrial Sweeper brand. As one of Canada’s leading industrial cleaning machine provider – we proudly specialize in scrubber repairs as well as floor sweeper repairs and service. Whether you want a planned maintenance program customized to your cleaning operation or you have a sweeper down, we can support your sweeper repair no matter what the power source – propane or battery. Our technicians have the support to complete your sweeper repairs right the first time!



1. Cleaning solution: Make sure the batteries are fully charged, all hoses are connected and the squeegees are attached and in good condition. If you use cleaning solution, measure the correct amount of chemical according to the mixing instructions on the label of the bottle. Fill the solution tank with clean water...but not hot water, as hot water can warp your tanks. Using a low foaming cleaner will not only permit the machine to recover more solution, but it will also help to extend the life of the vacuum motor on your machine.

2. Prepping the Floor: If you do not have a Cylindrical floor scrubber (2-in-1 Sweeper/Scrubber) make sure debris is manually removed from the floor so that your auto-scrubbers head or squeegee assembly does not become obstructed. These pieces risk damage to the machine, or may create streaking from behind the squeegee, leaving solution left on the floor.

3. Scrubbing Your Floor: You'll want to have a fairly large and open area to maximize your scrubbing time. As you start to scrub, your first pass will be up tight against the wall or on the outer boundary of your scrubbing area. As you reach the end of your first pass and turn to come back, you'll want to make a wide turn. This will allow the squeegee assembly to recover all of the solution the auto scrubber put down. For heavily soiled floors, you may want to do a double scrub. To accomplish this, you'll leave the squeegee in the up position and not turn on the vacuum motor. You will do at least one pass over the entire floor with just scrubbing (no vacuum). You can then come back with the squeegee down and the vacuum motors on, recovering the solution while you scrub again for the 2nd time.

4. Clean Up: Take the auto scrubber over to a slop sink, toilet, floor drain, or bucket. Most models will have a dump hose that simply unhooks from the machine and dumps the solution out. Rinse out recovery tank and hoses, as well as squeegees and hoses. This step is especially essential after recovering a caustic scrubbing or stripping agent. Dump out any remaining clean solution. If soap and water sits in the solution tank for a long time, it can start to congeal and clog solution lines. Rinse out solution tank as thoroughly as possible. Leave the covers off of both tanks to let them air out and deodorize.



Among the leading benefits of using floor scrubbers is that they allow for quicker dry times & more powerful scrubbing. As well, floor scrubbers don’t use nearly as much water in their processes – so there is not a lot of moisture to be dried up afterwards, which makes the dry time significantly shorter. This decreases the likelihood that visitors will get hurt by slipping on wet floors, thereby reducing the risk of lawsuits against your business.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that our floor scrubbers offer is that they are easy to use. Floor scrubbers are extremely simple to operate, and they don’t require any intense physical labor on your part. They move along with minimal operator effort. Floor scrubbers clean large & small surface areas, and come in various sizes. If you do not want to purchase a floor scrubber because you use it irregularly, you can also go for a rental from us instead. Regardless of which method you choose, there is no doubt that these heavy-duty machines can greatly assist you in achieving cleaner floors faster and easier than ever before.



A floor sweeper is a machine used to sweep hard floor surfaces. Unlike an automatic floor scrubbing machine, they are manufactured to dry sweep floors using a large rotating brush that sweeps the floor. Its rotation is against the direction of travel which is logical and mimics manual sweeping. The sweeping brush sweeps up the dirt & debris into a dust pan or “hopper”. Airflow through a sweeper is carefully managed to control dust using a paper filter. Wondering if you need a commercial or industrial sweeper or scrubber? Some facilities require sweeping, some require scrubbing, while many need both. Sweeping may seem like the best option for removing fine dust. In many cases a floor scrubber is actually a better way to go. Sweepers work better for removing larger debris such as metal shavings, wood chips, and granulated materials. Cylindrical (Sweeper/Scrubber) Floor Scrubbers are a good choice when the facility is small and has limited operators. In larger facilities, with a lot of bulk debris, you may need 2 separate machines; a sweeper and a floor scrubber.

For parts or service for any floor sweeper or auto-scrubber, call us at 1-877-941-1120.



A cylindrical floor scrubbing machine will lay down cleaning solution while scrubbing & sweeping the floors with counter-rotating brushes. Water is simultaneously picked up at the same time with the parabolic squeegee at the rear of the floor cleaning machine.



To become the preeminent company in Canada for top quality floor cleaning equipment sales, rentals, and parts. To provide the best names in floor cleaning equipment at the most sensible prices, making us a niche market & competition low.



The newest type of automatic floor scrubber was just recently released. Minuteman, Karcher, Tennant, Nobles & Nilfisk Advance have teamed up with the Brain Corp Inc., to transform the cleaning industry with autonomous rider-less floor scrubbers!

These new intelligent, self-driving floor cleaning machines, now available in Toronto, Canada, are powered by BrainOS and are capable of autonomously scrubbing & drying commercial environments, ensuring the highest level of safety and cleaning performance – without the need for an operator!

People are choosing Robotic Floor Scrubbers because they Maximize productivity by allowing cleaning staff to work on other tasks. They also work immediately upon arrival – with no engineers or specialized technical teams required.



We recently had a customer in Toronto, Ontario ask us this question. So we decided to make the answer known abroad: There are self-propelled and brush assisted floor scrubbers available. Floor cleaning machines that use brush assisted drive systems move the machine along as the brush rotates. This puts more strain on the operator, but on a smooth flat floor, might be a good option. Brush assisted floor scrubbers are usually less costly due to fewer components. These still do a great job cleaning floors, but will not pull themselves along like a traction drive floor scrubber will. If you don’t have ramps to navigate and the floors are vinyl tile or smooth concrete or terrazzo, brush assisted machine are a great option to save some money.



Auto-scrubber and auto-sweeper manufacturers include a host of key players. These driving forces (to name a few) include: Nilfisk, Karcher, Hako, Tennant, Comac, IPC Eagle, NSS, Fimap, Tornado Industries, Gaomei, RPS corporation, Pacific Floor Care & TASKI. These companies develop Medium, large & compact floor sweepers, scrubbers, & sweeper-scrubbers for commercial, residential & industrial use. These floor machines are also available used & certified pre-owned for the budget conscientious person from Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc. Located just outside Toronto, Canada.



Advance delivers the floor cleaning equipment solution for all commercial and industrial cleaning applications. From small commercial vacuums to large industrial sweeper / scrubbers, Advance has the floor cleaning equipment solution to drive down your total cleaning costs. Our case studies and industry applications can show you how commercial or industrial floor cleaning machines can meet your cleaning needs. Local Advance dealers are commercial and industrial floor cleaning experts who can help you improve your cleaning program and support you with technical training, parts and service. We just happen to be network with many of them with successful results each time. Advance is also leading the way in reducing the impact of cleaning on the environment and improving your quality of life. Their environmentally friendly floor cleaning machines include commercial vacuums, carpet extractors, and burnishers. The Tennant company is also a leading provider of quality floor cleaning equipment. The Tennant Company is a company with about 4000 employees that provides cleaning products and solutions to cleaning dirty floors. Because the Tennant company is so big, they, like Nilfisk Advance, offer the customer convenient online customer support including: part manuals, online resources & even brochures for their floor equipment.



Their product line consists of a variety of floor sweepers, scrubbers, & sweeper-scrubbers. This lineup includes:

Tennant Model List

T1 (walk behind micro scrubber)
T1B (battery walk behind micro scrubber)
5700XP, 5700, 5680, T5, T3, T2. (walk behind floor scrubber)
T2 (walk behind floor scrubber)
T300/T300e (walk behind floor scrubber)
T500/T500e (walk behind floor scrubber)
T600/T600e (walk behind floor scrubber)
i-mop XL/i-mop XXL (scrubber)
T350 (stand-on floor scrubber)
T7AMR (robotic micro ride-on scrubber)
T7 (micro ride-on scrubber)
T12 (compact ride-on scrubber)
T16 (ride-on scrubber)
T17 (ride-on scrubber)
T20 (ride-on scrubber)
S3 (manual walk behind sweeper)
S5 (battery walk behind sweeper)
S9 (battery walk behind sweeper)
3640 (walk behind sweeper)
S10 (walk behind sweeper)
6100 (compact battery ride-on sweeper)
6200 (compact ride-on sweeper)
S20 (compact ride-on sweeper)
S30 (ride-on sweeper)
800 (industrial ride-on sweeper)
ATLV 4300 (all-terrain ride-on vacuum sweeper)
M17 (battery ride-on sweeper/scrubber)
M20 (ride-on sweeper/scrubber)
M30 (ride-on sweeper/scrubber)



Their product line consists of a variety of floor sweepers, scrubbers, & sweeper-scrubbers. This lineup includes:

Nilfisk Advance Model List

SC100 (walk behind floor scrubber)
SC250 (walk behind floor scrubber)
SC351 (walk behind floor scrubber)
SC400 (walk behind floor scrubber)
SC430 (walk behind floor scrubber)
SC450 (walk behind floor scrubber)
BA 351 (walk behind floor scrubber)
SC500 (walk behind floor scrubber)
SC530 (walk behind floor scrubber)
BA/CA 551/611 (walk behind floor scrubber)
BA 651/751/851 (walk behind floor scrubber)
SC800 (walk behind floor scrubber)
SC1500 (stand-on floor scrubber)
BR 652/752/752C (ride-on floor scrubber)
SC2000 (ride-on floor scrubber)
BR 755/755C/855 (ride-on floor scrubber)
BR 850S/1050S (ride-on floor scrubber)
SC6000 (ride-on floor scrubber)
SC6500 (ride-on floor scrubber)
SC8000 (ride-on floor scrubber)
SM 800 (walk behind floor sweeper)
SW 750 (walk behind floor sweeper)
SW900 (walk behind floor sweeper)
SR 1000S (walk behind floor sweeper)
SR 1101 (ride-on floor sweeper)
SW4000 (ride-on floor sweeper)
SR 1601 (ride-on floor sweeper)
SW5500 (ride-on floor sweeper)
SW8000 (ride-on floor sweeper)
PS 333A (single disc floor cleaning machine)
FM400 L(single disc floor cleaning machine)
FM400 H (single disc floor cleaning machine)
FM400 D (single disc floor cleaning machine)
BU500 (walk behind burnisher)
BU800 (walk behind burnisher)
UHR 70-1700 (ride-on burnisher)
AX 14 (carpet extractor)
ES300 (carpet extractor)



Refurbished or certified pre-owned floor machines, when refurbished correctly (in accordance with our checklist) are dependable, cost-effective options.

All of our used, demo & reconditioned floor cleaning equipment come with a labor and parts warranty, and are offered at 50 to 80 percent less than their new machine counterparts. Let's be honest, you're buying a reliable industrial or commercial floor cleaning machine...not a sports car. Save your money and rent or buy your floor machine from us. We delight in your satisfaction.



Floor scrubbers are used to keep your floors clean. It is disappointing to say the least when a scrubber is not working as it should & your facility appearance is compromised. Below are the 3 most common floor cleaner machine issues we help customers to resolve. Hopefully this information helps you resolve your problem quickly. But if not, call us! We offer parts & repair service for every major commercial & industrial floor scrubber & sweeper brand including- Tennant, Nobles, Nilfisk, Taski, Clarke, Kacrher, Factory Cat, Power Boss & more!

Difficulty: The machine is not sucking all the dirty water up:
Solution: Check gaskets; check vacuum motor for damage; hoses (for clogs), squeegee blades (for damage).

Difficulty: My floor scrubber is leaving streaks:
Solution: Check the squeegee blades for wear; check squeegees to make sure they have proper contact with the floor you are cleaning; Replace squeegee blades.

Difficulty: The machine is not putting water down:
Solution: Clean the solution filter - many times this does not get cleaned; Check the Solution valve. Make sure the solution valve is correctly adjusted to the appropriate amount of water flow you need & that it is working correctly.

If you need repairs, preventative maintenance or just a service tune-up call on your sweeper or scrubber, polisher or carpet extractors (more locally in Toronto - but also in Canada) contact us.

Call 1-877-941-1120 for more information.



In warmer weather, outdoor cleaning takes a different focus. Pay attention to cleaning facility sidewalks, parking lots, and undergrounds with impressive walk-behind/ride-on sweepers, scrubbers & sweeper-scrubbers. Employees and visitors notice sand, litter and other debris present on indoor-outdoor floors or parking ramps. Using sweepers to clean these exterior surfaces improves perceptions of cleanliness before people even walk through the doors. We have a nice fleet of rental & purchase floor sweepers & cylindrical sweeper-scrubbers. Surprisingly, our used outdoor Tennant & Nilfisk floor cleaning machines are in like new or lightly used condition, and are sold at discounted prices - ready to ship in 1-2 weeks upon purchase! If you need assistance deciding on the right outdoor floor cleaning machine for wood, brick, stone, concrete, or composite - we have or will assist you in getting the right industrial floor sweeper or scrubber-dryer for any indoor or outdoor floor cleaning application, guaranteed!



In an industry where unexpected downtime can be costly, a reliable source of power is important. The batteries you use in your commercial floor scrubber or industrial floor sweeper need to deliver power for the most demanding jobs. When it comes time to replace your floor scrubber or sweeper batteries, new recommend you use a recognized brand such as Trojan or Dekka (flooded, gel or AGM) for increased battery life, & extended run time. Battery performance can vary due to a variety of circumstances. Understanding why can boost confidence that a battery is performing as expected. Quality batteries will decrease maintenance (gel or AGM), and guarantee durability, reliability and performance that you cannot get from a cheap battery. "Discount" batteries are smaller & have a shorter life cycle because of increased draw, meaning unplanned downtime and less productive hours from your machine.

If you need to replace your floor scrubber, sweeper or floor machine battery, we sell quality 6V and 12V deep-cycle batteries (flooded, gel and AGM) for all brands of floor scrubbers and sweepers. Selected models are available in extra-durable Polyon® cases for heavy service applications.



Our company was founded near Toronto, Ontario almost a decade ago. However, we have a floor equipment & machine service network throughout most of Canada! We repair, or can source a repair service center FREE to you (no kickbacks) in almost any Canadian region. From floor cleaning machines from Nilfisk Advance & other floor washing machine manufacturing companies like: Kent, Windsor, Tornado, Karcher, Clarke/Alto, NSS, Nobles, Tennant, American Lincoln, Viper, Powerflite, Minuteman, IPC Eagle, Tornado & more...we repair just about all makes and models of floor maintenance equipment. Whether you have a battery operated or more sophisticated propane powered ride on automatic scrubber, or industrial sweeper, our knowledgeable mechanics will get your equipment up and running - fast.

Why choose us for local Nilfisk or Tennant service in Toronto?

*Certified Technicians

*48 hour turnaround on most equipment

*Preventative Maintenance Programs

*Loaners/Rentals available

*On-site and in-house repairs provided

*Pickup and delivery available

*Trade-ins on new equipment



There are a variety of Automatic Floor Scrubber Head Types. Over the years, the automatic floor scrubber head types have evolved. The scrub head is where the work really gets done. The most common scrubber head types are disk, cylindrical, and square oscillating (also known as “orbital”). Each can be very useful when it comes to getting a floor clean, but depending on what type of floor you need cleaned, selecting the right one can make the task much easier.

Disk Automatic Scrubber

Disk Floor Scrubber Heads: The disk scrub head is the most common type. This traditional style consists of either a single or double rotating disk that uses a floor pad or brush to agitate the dirt on the floor. Because of the wide variety of pads and brushes available, disk floor scrubbers can be used for general cleaning, deep scrubbing and even stripping floors. Floor pads can be easily replaced and are relatively inexpensive.

Brushes are also an option and have many different uses. A brush is a good option when cleaning uneven surfaces such as ceramic tile or concrete. The bristles can get deep into the uneven floor surface better than a flat pad.

Cylindrical Automatic Scrubbers

A Cylindrical Floor Scrubber Head: This brush type is another option for your automatic scrubber. These usually have a cylindrical brush that sits horizontally under the machine. Because the brush rotates down toward the floor rather than across the surface, as with the disk, these make a good option for uneven surfaces. Many of these have 2 brushes that counter rotate so that they can get into grout lines from multiple directions. Because the brushes are usually very durable, they tend to last.

Square Oscillating Scrubbers

Square Floor Scrubber Heads: This newer style of square scrubbers are making a big impact on the floor care industry. When used with a special stripping pad, square scrubber heads are able to strip floor finish from a floor without the use of a chemical floor stripper. They also work great for cleaning vinyl tile floors regularly. The standard types of floor pads, such as red, white, blue and black are available in the square format. Because these scrubber heads oscillate very quickly, they apply more agitation to the floor and thus more cleaning power.

Like any device, choosing the right floor scrubber head depends on the job that needs to be done. Should you need any help in evaluating the type of floor you need cleaned, call or email us. All assistance is without charge and comes with a smile! We love what we do.

Looking for a scrubber to replace a traditional mop & bucket?

Looking for a scrubber to replace a traditional mop & bucket?

A walk behind floor scrubber is easily the best tool you can have if you have to clean hard surface floors. These very useful machines all but eliminate the back breaking work of mopping floors. The best part is, they clean floors better than any mop could! Mops move around dirt, auto-scrubbers remove dirt! Since floors dry immediately, an auto-scrubber reduces the risk of slips and falls. An autoscrubber’s powerful and scrubbing & drying performance ensures thorough cleaning & increased cleaning productivity (get more done in less time and with less effort). The water used remains clean throughout the cleaning process; no risk of cross-contamination. Convinced? Ask us for a demo and see the difference for yourself.


Understanding the Different Types of Industrial Floor Scrubbers

Slips and falls are the top causes of workplace injury. Over the last year alone, these incidents were responsible for 95 million lost days of work, and represent about 25% of all workplace injury claims each year. These injuries are especially common in warehouse environments, where there is a 75% greater-than-average injury rate. Work-place Safety & Floor Scrubbers:

Because of the prevalence of these types of injuries — and because of the negative effects they can have on workplace efficiency and productivity — the market for equipment that will reduce their likelihood has grown significantly over recent years. Perhaps the most popular piece of equipment that prevents slips, trips and falls is the industrial floor scrubber. Additionally, these floor scrubbers can boost productivity, reducing operating costs and saving time by more efficiently cleaning hard floor surfaces.

To Walk or to Ride?

Not sure which variety of industrial floor scrubber is best for your warehouse or industrial work environment? Here’s a guide to the two main categories of floor scrubbers — walk behind and ride-on scrubbers — that will help you understand their differences.

Walk behind floor scrubbers:

As their name suggests, walk behind floor scrubbers are guided by the operator, who stands behind the machine; most walk behind floor scrubbers don’t actually need to be pushed, however, only guided - making use easier for the operator. These floor scrubbers can use a diluted cleaning solution or just plain tap water for optimal performance, and come in a variety of widths to handle aisles of all sizes.

Ride-on floor scrubbers:

Ride-on floor scrubbers are ideal for larger floor spaces that need to be cleaned in a short amount of time. These floor scrubbers can carry huge amounts of water and can be equipped with high-power batteries. These machines can come equipped with floor sweeping capabilities (Cylindrical machines), as well. If you have any questions about our industrial or commercial floor scrubber and sweeper technologies, feel free to contact us at: 1-877-941-1120.

Refurbished Floor Sweeping & Scrubbing Equipment:

When we receive a used machine, we like to put serious consideration into its reconstruction. Depending on the shape of the machine, we will take apart the unit and replace all worn parts with new parts. We transform each used machine into a reliable scrubber or sweeper. Refurbished Tennant, Nobles, Clarke, Factory Cat & Nilfisk Advance machines offer huge savings over buying new. Effectiveness and dependability is important with new or reconditioned floor cleaning machines. You are guaranteed the highest quality & coveted names with us.


Clean large and tough-to-clean floors with our wide variety of industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers. We offer industrial floor cleaning equipment with features that meet our customer’s specific needs. Industrial floor scrubber rentals and industrial floor sweeper rentals are available anytime. We do daily, weekly, monthly, and rent-to-own sweeper and scrubber rentals. Call 1-877-941-1120 for more information.


Search Our Database of Scrubber & Sweeper Parts. Give our Parts Department a phone call anytime Monday- Friday 9am-4:30pm EST 1-877-941-1120. You can also create a parts list and Submit for a quote by email @ info@tennantrefurb.com. We will have Pricing/Availability sent back to you quickly. Just not quite sure what parts you need? Just give us a call we will be glad to help you sort that out.

Service & Maintenance/Refurbishment:

We offer many different plans and options to keep your business running smoothly. From Scheduled Maintenance programs that reduce down time, save money and keep your equipment up and running. With a preventative maintenance program, you can anticipate greater up-time and fewer unnecessary repairs to you floor cleaning machine. Did you know we do not just sell but recondition all popular makes and models of floor cleaning equipment including: Nilfisk Advance, Tennant, Nobles, Clarke, Factory Cat. These types of floor machines include: Riding Scrubbers, Walk-Behind Scrubbers, Riding Sweepers, Walk-Behind Sweepers, & Sweeper-Scrubbers. We do this because we have noticed an increase in customers looking not to scrap but restore their existing piece of equipment. Machines can be picked up from the customer’s location (if needed) and quotes always precede the repairs. We follow up and work with the customer’s needs and budget. When completed (typically 1-2 weeks) we return the machine to the customer’s desired location and train the new operators on how to properly maintain and operate their newly reconditioned floor scrubber or sweeper.

On-Site Service:

A Trained technician and well-stocked service truck will arrive ready to service your machine at your facility. Our Technicians have a combined 90+ years of experience and have worked on all top-name brand makes and models. We have relationships with all the major manufactures and in most cases we can have any part that we do not stock within 1-3 days. Need service or a new/refurbished floor cleaning machine? We sell floor cleaning machines & can provide service in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. With our fully stocked service vans and our factory trained technicians, we provide in-house or outsourced service you can rely on. We service/repair: Factory Cat, Tennant, Nilfisk-Advance, American-Lincoln, Clarke, Nobles, Powerboss, Minuteman & more. Call us at 1-877-941-1120.

What we are about…

Your company’s image is important. The health and safety of your employees is important. Our goal is to work with our customers in identifying and solving their indoor and outdoor floor cleaning challenges, quickly. Making sure recommendations that will enhance their corporate image. We are your single source for everything “floor-cleaning” related. We offer a huge supply of floor cleaning equipment of all types and sizes…scrubbers, sweepers, vacuums, integrated sweeper-scrubbers & specialized floor care equipment such as floor burnishers & polishers. Besides offering top quality new & refurbished floor cleaning equipment from world-class manufacturers, we also offer service and parts for all makes and models (Tennant, Nobles, Factory Cat, Nilfisk-Advance, Clarke, American Lincoln, PowerBoss, etc). In addition to the sale of new equipment, Tennant Refurb Inc. is also a prime source for rebuilt equipment and for rental scrubbers and sweepers.

In-plant Analysis:

We can quickly offer our customers a free in-plant analysis or over-the-phone assessment of their cleaning problems and concerns. The company then works with the customer to design the most efficient and economical system for keeping their facility clean, qualifying the perfect machine for their need. Selected equipment (sweepers and/or scrubbers) can be demonstrated on-site to further confirm that they will perform to the customer’s satisfaction. We have worked with of a host of companies to create the work environment associated with floor cleaning that they have desired. Our customer satisfaction is built on our history for selling top-quality equipment and providing fast service and parts for what we sell. Need Assistance or Additional Information? Contact us at 1-877-941-1120.

Floor Machine Sales, Service, Rentals & Parts:




Cylindrical (Wet Sweeper/Scrubber/Dryer) or Disc (Wet Scrubber-Dryer)?

Cylindrical (Wet Sweeper/Scrubber/Dryer) or Disc (Wet Scrubber-Dryer)?

Generally speaking, the majority of walk-behind floor scrubbers in use today are disc scrubbers. Disc floor scrubbers use two flat pads or brushes that rotate while water is dispensed over each brush to scrub the floor. They typically apply more down force (scrub pressure) and use less water than cylindrical scrubbers. They are also considered more versatile due to the variety of pads (smooth floor) and brushes (concrete/rough floor) available.

Cylindrical Scrubbers differ from rotary (disc) machines in that they use a cylindrical scrub brush system to (wet) sweep small debris into a removable tray, while simultaneously also washing the floor. Two rod-shaped (cylinder) brushes turn in opposite directions for this to happen. Cylindrical scrubbers have a brush speed that is often three times faster the rotation of a disk brush. The downside is that Cylindrical scrub brushes do keep less bristle surface in contact with the floor, but the style of machine is able to pick up a variety of debris & small material from the floor while also washing it.

For purchasing assistance on buying a new or refurbished disc or cylindrical auto-scrubber, reach out to GTA.

Floor Scrubber machine close to me, Ride On Floor Sweepers, Walk Behind Floor Sweepers, Sweeper-Scrubbers, Parking Lot Sweepers

The History of Floor Cleaning Machines

In the early 1900’s, around the same time that vacuums were introduced, electric powered floor cleaning machines, called divided-weight machines, were introduced. These machines were used for polishing and scrubbing floors; they moved in a push-pull manner & were equipped with vegetable fiber brushes. They were designed to carry the bulk of their weight on the rear wheels, which stayed on the floor while operating. Later, when it came to keeping wooden floors shiny wax was applied to the floors and then polished to a lustrous gleam with the machine. Divided-weight machines were slow and rather heavy, but not heavy enough to put the right amount pressure on the brush to optimize the performance of the machine. Nevertheless, using one of these machines took a lot less time and effort than manually washing the floor. Floor cleaning machine makers quickly realized that they needed to develop a machine with more pad pressure to get the best buffing and scrubbing results…this is how the swing machine came into creation. Unlike the rear weighted divided-weight machine, the swing machines weight was centered & its rear wheels lifted off the floor during operation. These machines were difficult to maneuver and users often lost control of them, leaving the machine to run into the nearest wall or any other object in its path. It took a lot of training to learn how to properly operate a swing machine correctly. Not surprisingly, this seemingly erratic machine was bound for more improvements and before long the 175 rpm electric buffer appeared.

In the late 1950’s the first variable and high speed machines arrived. Rotation could be adjusted to between 175 to 350 rpm, by the operator. These machines were very popular in the 1960’s when manufacturers started selling different varieties of floor finishes that resulted in a high gloss shine when cleaned by a floor machine with fast rotation. By the 1970’s rotation speeds were up to between 750 and 1000 rpm’s. However, floor pads and floor finishes were not designed to withstand the increased rotation speed. Therefore, the floor pads deteriorated quickly and certain floor finishes would crack or break. After a few years of trial and error, pads and floor finishes that could withstand between 1500 and 2000 rpm’s were developed.

Jump ahead to today and there is a wide range of machines available for industrial and commercial floor cleaning purposes. From ride on and walk behind floor sweepers and scrubbers to burnishers, wide area vacuums and all purpose floor cleaning machines, there is currently a machine for almost every application. These machines are incredibly effective and efficient, with companies constantly coming out with new and innovative technologies and cleaning solutions.


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